COVID -19 Updates

Our first priority at Niceville Yacht Club has always been the safety of our guests. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have enhanced our protocols and processes to address the unique challenges the outbreak poses. We believe it is important for you to understand exactly what this entails, as you deserve not only safety but the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you are safe, and the understanding of what to expect when you arrive for your much-deserved vacation.




The short answer: The safety of seclusion. When you rent a Niceville Yacht Club vacation home, you and your group come in contact with no one. You do not encounter a front desk agent. You do not pass strangers in hallways. You do not share an elevator, lobby or commons area with the public. You simply arrive at your vacation home’s address armed with a keypad code. After using the code, your group enters a beautiful vacation home that’s as clean and safe as your own.

Rest assured that every property is cleaned and sanitized before each guest arrival. Also, all linens have been sterilized. For the duration of your stay, contact with others takes place solely at your discretion – a feature that most hotels simply cannot offer. Even package deliveries are “no-touch,” as they are left on the porch by carriers.





The housekeeping teams for the homes at Niceville Yacht Club  far exceeded industry guidelines before the COVID-19 outbreak. Surfaces were scrupulously cleaned and linens sterilized to hospital standards. This was standard practice in all of our homes.

Nevertheless, we have since carried out a comprehensive reassessment of our protocols. More specifically, we have enhanced our cleaning toolbox to include processes and cleaning products that are especially effective at combatting COVID-19. They include:

  • Special attention is paid to disinfect “high-touch” areas, such as doorknobs, remote control devices, bathroom taps, door handles, toilet handles, keypads and locks.

  • Enhanced protocols are followed to ensure that sterilized linen is not contaminated with dirty linen by way of special separation, transport and packaging procedures.

  • Housecleaning and maintenance teams either remove shoes or wear shoe coverings upon entering a home. They also wear masks and gloves.

  • Housekeeping teams use cleaning products that meet CDC/EPA guidelines approved and effective for use against virus, bacteria and other pathogens.


Rest assured that, even under these “new normal” circumstances, you can expect the same excellent service that you’ve come to expect from us. And remember: We are all in this together.


Please see the latest information regarding your stay http://www.co.okaloosa.fl.us/bcc/covid-19